Most Popular Type Office Job

Most Popular Type Office Job

In case you are unsure about the type of job you want to take up, choosing the right path would probably be a challenging task. 

However, office jobs are always an open option with an incredible amount of opportunities, a favourable working environment, and everything that you wish for.

If you are unsure about the whole processes involved in the tasks expected to be performed by an employee, this is the blog for you.

Here we have provided you with the 7 most popular types of office jobs that you will love!

Executive Assistant

As the name suggests, this job involves work related to the execution of different tasks, included in the administration department. This work includes tasks like booking travel tickets, taking care of the customer inquires, organizing the work of mainly the senior administration department employees. 

It also includes setting up meetings, its venue, preparing reports as well as presentations, maintaining the database as well as a suggestion for ways to improve it. The skills needed to work in this field are the ability to multi-task, time management skills, organizational skills, verbal as well as communication skills, presentation skills like the ability to carry oneself properly like that of a professional individual.

This job also requires working in harsh deadlines and your availability.The salary for this role starts from ₹3 lakh per annum.

Human Resource Management

This is a job needed by every single company or firm! 

There is no way that the vacancy for this job is not available at any time of the year. The central role of HR is helping the company succeed.

A human resource helps the company in tasks like hiring process like preparing interview questions, interviewing, maintaining a cordial environment in the office, incentives, payrolls, promotional strategies, advisory field, and training of employees.

Skills needed for this job include the ability to maintain your company’s culture, linguistic skills, excellent communication skills, and ability to solve problems, ability to manage different projects at a time, and many others as well.

The salary for this role ranges from ₹5 lakh to ₹15lakh per annum.

Office Manager

Every office requires someone who can make sure that everything in the office is going on smoothly. Their work includes taking care of all aspects of the office like financial, administrative as well as management tasks.

The tasks office managers are responsible for include, organizing meetings, assisting the heads of various departments, maintaining database, managing budgets, interaction with different companies. It also includes giving tasks to all the junior employees, ensuring health as well as safety measures and policies in the office, organizing conferences, meetings and events and many more.

Typical skills needed to become an efficient office manager are communication, negotiation skills, relationship-building skills, organizational skills, IT skills, problem-solving skills, initiations, leadership skills, ability to get things done, budgeting skills as well as attention to detail.

Salary for this role starts from ₹5 lakh per annum.


The primary job of an accountant is related to the financial sector of the company.

The work of an accountant consists of maintaining the financial records, their accuracy, making sure the taxes are paid within the right time, directing the various financial operations.

Other tasks include examining statements for their accuracy and compliance with laws and regulations, preparing and computing tax returns, enhancing the efficiency of the business, advising ways to reduce the costs, improving revenues as well as profits, auditing services, and providing suggestions for the practices related to huge returns.

The skills required to be a successful accountant are accounting skills, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, time management skills, interpersonal communication skills, accountancy knowledge, industry knowledge, etc.

The salary for this job starts at ₹2.5 lakh per annum.

IT Manager

An information technology manager is responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of all the computer systems in the office. The work of a “techie” is to manage the execution as well as maintaining the needs of the computer as well as the software needs of a company.

The other responsibilities of an information technology manager consist of managing tasks of IT staff like their recruitment, training, coaching, and making sure that they fulfill the job expectations. The skills required to become a successful IT manager are knowledge of the technical field, computer hardware as well as software systems, ability to manage computer networks, network administration as well as installation.

 The salary of an information technology manager is around ₹13 lakh per annum.


The receptionist is a front desk job requiring the person to engage with customers or clients or greet them whenever they arrive, through phone calls, handing over paperwork from one person to the other.

The job of a receptionist is generally a busy job with back to back communications and using computers for the data of the arrived clients.The key responsibilities of a receptionist include welcoming guests and directing them, maintain security, answering visitors’ queries, maintaining security procedures of the visitors like providing them with badges or monitoring the logbook, keeping a safe and clean reception desk as well as compliance of the systems as well as regulations.

Skills required to become a successful receptionist include a soft-spoken personality, good communication and listening skills, the proper way of carrying oneself, handling pressure, professionalism, accurate handling of stress as well as supply.

The salary of a receptionist starts from ₹ 2 lakh per annum.

Payroll Manager

Payroll manager requires the person to compile all the information related to payroll preparation, timely completion of reports, as well as maintaining the payroll records.

The key responsibilities of a payroll manager consist of reviewing as well as approving of the insurance copies, saving deductions, job titles, changes in the exemptions, harmonizing payroll accounts along with Maintenance of payroll accounts.

It also includes recruitment, selection as well as training of payroll assistants along with their counseling, disciplinary issues, monitoring and assessing their results.

Skills required to become a successful payroll manager include management of employees, data entry, financial skills, accountancy knowledge, compensation of workers, etc.

The salary of a payroll manager starts from ₹ 4 lakh per annum.

Why are office jobs recommended?

  • Working in an office makes you more consistent with your work as well as your responsibilities.
  • It is a more stable career option as compared to other jobs. Stable in the economic context.
  • Office jobs provide an ample amount of incentives to its employees, keeping you motivated to work harder.
  • 95% of the offices offer paid sick leaves along with several annual leaves, making it easy for you to balance your work as well as family life.
  • You get to dress up every day making you more aware, conscious as well as providing you with the right mindset of the working environment. Dressing up for work also enhances your personality.

Office jobs are always a go-to option as well as a great career option for people having some amount of the required skills. It is best if you like to deal with numbers and people as well.

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