Multi-Level Marketing has become a popular name in the business domain. Multi-Level Marketing has become a popular name in the business domain. Several companies have started expanding their commercial activities with the help of this concept and maintaining a reputed image. Although at first glance a newbie may found it a good way to yield a handsome

income. But in reality, it is a smart trap.

There is a countless reputed name who makes billion through the multi-level marketing

concept and amongst those names AMWAY tops the list with a revenue of 8.00 billion.

All about Amway :

Amway is a 60-year-old Multi-Level Marketing company located in Ada, Michigan. It was established by Jay Van Andel and Richard Devos on the 9th of November 1959. It is a private American company which deals with countless products related to health, personal care, and domestic care.

Presently, there are 15,000 + employees working for Amway and It holds a major share in this domain in major countries like India, Canada, United Kingdom, and China. 

How Amway Recruits its employees:

The working patterns of MLM companies are smarter than we think. They are the pros of manipulating and brainwashing a person’s mind.Companies like AMWAY try to pick needy persons, by organizing seminars, online meetings, or get to gathers and offers them a candy of various exciting monetary and non-monetary benefits. 

Once they found the desired crowd, they work hard to keep these people engaged by making them master in following the same techniques to recruit new people.

How Amway Employees earn :

Amway has a wide range of products that are suitable for all the requirements of an individual. Every need from a basic cosmetic product to a high variety of energy stuff, all the relevant product is available under the single roof of Amway.

An employer can start earning by selling these products.Selling can be done through a direct mode or by recruiting new members. Along with a basic earning, an employee can bring a hike in the figures if he is capable enough to hit a target. This attribute becomes fruitful for those employees who are well versed in marketing skills.

Tricks to finding out the foul play of Amway:

The outer shell of Amway is very fascinating and capable enough to attract any individual who is seeking an earning opportunity. But in reality, it is somewhat disappointing. Once, you become the prey of such play,it might give you an unpleasant experience and sometimes may cost you a lot in form of reputation, friendship, or relationship.

Although there is no exact formula to find out whether this is a good platform to give a try or not. Yet you can use the below-mentioned tips to identify the scam.

The conversation skills of an Amway or any other MLM.The recruiter is worth appreciating. They always use dynamic tactics to fool an innocent mind. You can easily figure out something is wrong if the conversation of the recruiter revolves around the following aspects :

  • Basic Introduction – 

First andthe foremost question they always ask regarding your family andrelationship.this question plays a vital role in framing their next question. 

 If you find anyone taking a keen interest in your details

then, it might be a warning sign in this direction.

  • Job/Occupation description 

This is another probable question. It includes chain questions like yourinterest, working hours, designation, and satisfaction level with your current

status, etc.

  • Hobbiesand social circle – 

This is there favorite question because by knowing about your hobbies and the social

the circle they easily portray their scheme that suits you the best.

Suppose – you say you love using the internet, they will explain to you how to sell through the internet. And in case, you said, you prefer organizing get to gather, then they explain to you how to turn these get to gathers in a business opportunity.

  • Your expectations – 

This is the best way to spot a

scam. Companies like this always offer you an exceptionally high earning in a short span, which is usually impossible to earn with basic knowledge.

  • Gifts or additional benefits-

If you want to spot a trapquickly. Always pay attention to this note. If he is offering you extraordinary benefits like gifts, discounts, travel, or shopping voucher then you can without a second thought take your steps back.

  • Registration fee and products or services in return – 

They will always ask you for paying a registration fee along with the benefit of getting products in return of the same worth.

  • Free online/offline session – 

This is a more frequentlyused method by the recruiter. They advertise in a very convincing way withoutdemanding anything in return except requesting you attend their session. 


In spite of being a billion-dollar organization, Amway falls in the category of scam because of its malicious tactics. There are many incidents that happened across the world, where their employees as well as the founder members found engaged in illegal activities. Amongst all of them, few are mentioned –below.

The year 1979 witnessed a huge downfall in Amway’s reputation because of the FTC investigation. This body found Amway guilty in price-fixing, false representation of profits, and misleading customers. Later on in 1972, the founder member charged with an allegation of defrauding the Canadian Government.

Since then, Amway’s name has become a synonym of fraud MLM company. In 1996 and 2007 the company’s s activities violated copyright acts and misleading advertisements respectively. It has been charged with the serious allegation in India as well. In the year 2017, the Chandigarh court entertained a case on Amway cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property.

 In the same year, a reputed agency surveyed and published a report regarding the earning status of Amway employees. AS per their survey more than 50% of employees earning nothing and only 60+ employees earn an average of 100 dollars per month.

You can imagine how pathetic the condition is. From misrepresenting a statement to defrauding the government Amway left no way of taking advantage of a moment.


Now, you have a complete picture of Amway before you. Try to evaluate on your own and ask yourself a question will you go with a company like Amway or not? We are not saying that all MLM works with a malicious mindset, but this is also a fact they are not much genuine either.

Thus, it is highly recommendable that before jumping into this sphere, try to make a deep research regarding the company’s all aspect. And in case, you encounter even a little doubt, don’t think twice for taking a back step. This is the only way by which you can protect yourself from being the victim of this kind of well-organized trap.

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