Best Easy Step How to Start a Tattoo Bussiness

Best Easy Step How to Start a Tattoo Bussiness

In today’s modern world, no one can resist tattoos. Even minute tattoos can symbolise incredible things. Present era can be the perfect time to start a tattoo business and it will surely flourish. Even though many people think about this idea, not many can implement it, as they are sceptical and unsure about the whole process and whether or not it will yield the desired results. A business can flourish only when the correct steps are followed right from the incorporation of the business entity. Here are the 10 steps you should follow and give your business the perfect head start.

10 Best Easy Step How to Start a Tattoo Bussiness

1. Prepare a Comprehensive Plan

Planning includes preparing a broad outline or framework within which the business lines operate. It includes forecasting future events and changes that coming future might witness. A good comprehensive plan should be able to answer all basic questions. You must be having enough knowledge about the target customers, knowing about the expenses that need to incurred and expected revenues that will follow. Plans should also be made regarding how to make business more profitable. This might require a lot of thinking and even expert advice. But whatever be the initial costs, good planning always pays off in the long run.

2. Choose the Perfect Location

It is very important to know from the very beginning about the category of customers you wish to target. Finding the perfect location is thus equally important. Your business can never get the desired recognition if it is not situated at the perfect place. This location must be easily accessible to all those wishing to get a tattoo. Your tattoo parlour must be recognizable from a distance. The crowd should be enticed to visit. For instance, it should not be located in a place where traffic is less. Instead, the desired location must have the right crowd. Your parlour should be easily visible so that it gets stored in the minds of people passing by. Choosing a less-busy location should be avoided.

3. Get Yourself Registered

Firstly, it is important to get your firm registered so that it has its own legal existence. Your business can be a sole- proprietorship, a partnership, an LLP firm, or even a company. This step should be performed after taking into consideration the expert’s advice. After registration of your business, many small steps follow. You must open a current account with a credible bank in which all business transactions can be executed. A current account also provides an overdraft facility. Also, remember to register for various taxes that need to be paid as the business continues its operations. These steps can be very crucial as it is always better to function in accordance with the law.

4. Get a License

Different counties and states follow different rules and regulations as per the choices of the government in power. However, some basic requirements like having crossed 18 years of age are necessary. A written exam might also be conducted which has to be passed. The minimum passing criteria can also differ as per the policies that the state follows. If the business is carried out without paying heed to licensing requirements and other permits, it might draw strict action and penalties. Before starting your tattoo business, you must be clear about all the legal requirements of your locality, well in advance. Hence, it is essential to follow all the conditions asked for, by your particular state government.

5. Be informed regarding all Laws

Knowing about the tattoo industry norms of your area is very important. It establishes various laws which vary from place to place. For example, in India, it is illegal to tattoo anyone under 18 years of age. In order to do so, it is compulsory to get a written consent signed from the minor’s parent or guardian. The law also makes it binding on the tattoo artist to get a license before starting with the job. These laws vary from state to state. Hence, it is very important to have knowledge about various laws existing in your area to avoid penalties and other fines.

6. Copyright Restrictions

No one would like their unique ideas to be copied, right? If you think your ideas are creative enough, you must get a copyright claim for those designs. This is your intellectual property and it must be protected. Registering for copyright claims might need a small fee to be paid, as per your location. The small fee won’t matter a lot because it is very important to get your designs copyrighted if you don’t want other artists to reproduce your creative work.
The process includes filling a form with the Copyright Registrar of your state with details about your business and designs you wish to get copyrighted. This is usually accompanied by some basic documents of your business.

7. Business Insurance

Every business face risks. Risks cannot be avoided completely but the loss can be reduced. These losses can be normal or abnormal. Hence, it is very important to get an insurance cover. There are various types of insurance policies. To begin with, you should get a General Liability Insurance. This insurance policy covers all major aspects of losses that might occur in day-to-day operations of the business. So, if you want to have an option to recover your losses, always read the policies in detail and choose the best ones for your business.

8. Build a Professional team

A team of professional tattoo artists can make your business grow in leaps and bounds in a shorter span of time. However, you must ensure that the artists are well-versed with the knowledge of tattoo art before employing them. The team members should be selected only after being sure of their capabilities. They must know their job well which can help you grow your business at a faster pace. The number of artists to be recruited should be as per the need and size of your business. It should neither be too less and nor should it exceed the requirement. Therefore, it is important to make a perfect balance between the two.

9. Purchase the right equipment

In order to attract and retain customers, your parlour should look inviting and well-furnished. Your parlour should be fitted with tempting lights, classy furniture and comfy seats. It should have a vibe and aura worth remembering. Tattooing tools like needles, inks of various colours, tattoo guns is a necessity. Even you don’t have the money to buy new equipment, you can always look for used tools. These tools can be upgraded once your business starts earning profits. Don’t hush into buying all the tools in one go. Make sure you get the perfect deal.

10. Utilise the Power of Social Media

Now is the era of social media. There can be no better platform to market your services than social media. You must launch your tattoo parlour on various social media platforms by making Facebook or Instagram pages. You can also advertise through paid campaigns on various social media sites. Social media is full of the young crowd, who form a major part of your target customers. Also, build your business website so that the services of your business have an even wider reach. If you truly want your business to prosper, never miss advertising on social media as it is the most powerful tool in today’s world.


So, what are you waiting for? Prepare a plan, equip the right tools and workforce, comply by the laws and get going! But be sure that this choice of business is perfect for you. If you think it is, follow these steps and you’re ready to rock!

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