How To Be Found On Google

How To Be Found On Google

Any question popping up in your head, a google search becomes the most frequently thought of action. Anything you are looking, just one search and you get desired results from so many different websites. Nowadays, as the number of websites is increasing, being in the first few results is crucial for the growth of any website. This is because users generally click on the top-recommended sites to get their queries sorted. So, for any website, maintaining itself as the top recommendation becomes a task of utmost importance. Just getting registered with google won’t help in this regard. You will have to toil and use some tricks in order to make a spot in the top results. This article will help in establishing your website so that it can be found in google search results. Continue to know everything in detail!

5 Best Ways How To Be Found On Google

1. Let Google know about your Website

Just creating a website and thinking about publishing it won’t directly land you in google search results. There is a procedure that needs to be followed so that it is available for everyone to view. Thus, the basic step includes submitting your website to google. What Google does is that it uses bots which keep on crawling webs. There are billions and trillions of web pages that the Google bot has to crawl to index content. Obviously, that would take a while for your site to be recognised by it. To speed up this indexing process, you can submit your optimized website to Google. This will make your presence much more known to Google and it will be easier for it to see through your website and judge it on various aspects.Now after submitting your website’s URL, if you wish to confirm it, you can simply search your website’s URL and check whether or not it pops up in the results. If itdoes appear, you can be sure that your website has been recognised by Google!

2. Keywords and Metatags are Important

Whenever a search is happening, Google presents the results taking into consideration the keywords used by a particular website. Simply stating, those 4-5 words searched by the user must be present on your website. This is why using the right keywords becomes important. ‘Google Keyword Planner’ is one such tool which tells the majority of keywords searched related to a particular type of search. It’s not that you should forcefully incorporate all the keywords in a particular blog. Rather, you should plan using keywords in a very subtle manner. Considering the search volume of each keyword can be an important factor determining the choice of keywords. Keywords with more search volume must be prioritized over the ones with lesser search volumes. Once your keywords match with the ones put down in the search box, the chances of your website appearing on the top increase considerably. Metatags serve a similar purpose. Metatag refers to the line that pops up in Google search results, highlighted in blue. Metatag should be such that it clearly gives the idea of what your website constitutes. It should be short, crisp and informative at the same time so that people click on it without a giving it a second thought.

3. Circulate the Link to your Website

Circulating a reference link to your website using various social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram can help in attracting more traffic to your website. Posting your website’s link in various social media profiles can give the users direct access to your website. The reference should be made along with a brief description of what the content of your site includes. This way you can easily gain traffic to your website straight away. Also, if the content is liked by the reader, they may share the link which will attract more readers. The other thing that you can do is put your links all across the web so that bots can easily locate them which provides a direct command to your website. To get even more benefits, you can also write contents for other blog channels and in turn, add a link to your website. This can be fruitful to you as it will attract the readers of that particular blog to your website too! Hence, it can be concluded that this link circulating strategy helps very well in attracting potential readers to your website, which increases the engagement of your website in the long run.

4. Appeal to the Locals

Whenever people are looking to get some service requirement fulfilled, they try to prefer local solutions. This localised search makes it important for you to connect to them. Especially if you are offering a business service-related website, this is your chance to grow locally! For this purpose, you must mention basic details about your business like its name, location, contact number, operating hours etc. on your profile. This way you can optimize Google My Business Page and make full use of this aid. To make it even more relevant, you can add keywords based on your location, say, the name of the city. Further, you can also add a map of your business’s location on your website. Using these tactics will ensure that Google recognizes your website based on your location. These location optimized presentations can be very beneficial in making your website, as well as your business, grow locally. Thus, appealing in the name of location can serve greater benefits as people generally search for localised solutions.

5. Mobile-friendly Interface

As per the current scenario, it won’t be wrong to say that people are most comfortable using their smartphones. Anyone would hardly find time to open up a laptop to make a search on Google. Everyone has their smartphone handy and using their phone to get their queries answered is the most probable action. Thus, it is very important to make your website in such a way that it is mobile friendly. Being a mobile-friendly website means optimising the interface of your website in such a way that it keeps the reader engaged. Even Google considers that making your website a mobile-friendly website is of utmost importance as most of the users prefer searching using their mobile phones. Keeping this in mind, google prioritises those websites which have a mobile-friendly interface. Some small things you can take care of includes using suitable font size, making your website colourful, using images that at least load properly etc. You must keep on finding new ways to optimize your website not only to suit computers or laptops but more importantly, for the mobile phone screens.


Well, now you know that coming in the top few results is not that difficult! All you need is to follow the above-discussed points religiously. Gradually, you will see much more engagement on your website. And that would be the way to go!

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