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In this advanced technology, we will probably know the word ‘blockchain’ in the present period. Blockchain technology is considered to be the most revolutionary in recent decades. Blockchain has reached almost all major industries and brought the sector into a new phase. Blockchain But it has recently acquired a significant boost in the fundraising market, helping companies build new, exciting crowdfunding opportunities. Let’s explore in more depth how blockchain crowdfunding is your business’s viable option.

Traditional crowdfunding afflicted points

Traditional crowdfunding forms are common, such as self-financing, bank funding, or venture capital funding. All these approaches have their challenges, such as minimal self-financing. Support from a bank is only possible if the organization is already in operation and provides strong profits and cash flows. And risk capital financing is only feasible for a mass-market appealing product or service.

Even a product or service with a great deal of potential is hard to raise money because it is new, and conventional crowdfunding is mostly confined to existing enterprises. Blockchain crowdfunding is involved here and provides business solutions, especially to startups, for fundraising.

Why does crowdfunding blockchain challenge conventional crowdfunding?

By-accountability for campaigns in individual countries and maintaining the protection and confidence of creators and supporters, blockchain technology will make crowdfunding secure, effective, and productive. Blockchain also assists you with full access from anywhere in the world to any organization, regardless of scale, to optimize your ability and business’ success rate.

For that cause, and many more, enterprises began to trend more towards crowd financing platforms, so many enterprises began providing a white-label crowdfunding platform to allow a fast and efficient fundraising process. If you want to be part of your business’ multi-funding network, let’s look at some of blockchain-based crowdfunding’s significant usages to help you pin the one that best suits your company.

How do I find the right platform for crowdfunding?

Since every day the market and the competition for crowdfunding platforms are increasing on a blockchain basis, several companies started to offer them for businesses. If you are confused by the correct solution to your business, you must take a few considerations into account here to find your business’ best crowdfunding platform.

  • You must set simple, strategic, and definable objectives and ensure that your crowdfunding platform is compliant with them.
  • Your crowdfunding platform should help ventures that you want to run your company in your specific niche or industry.
  • The platform can endorse numerous crowdfunding models, including the equity model, contributing model, credit model, and hybrid model.

These are some of the fundamental factors that will help you to find the crowdfunding platforms you want. Besides this, a thorough analysis is the most significant aspect. Therefore, perform your research without fail, pick the right crowdfunding platform in blockchain, and ensure tremendous market opportunity and profitability.

Notable use cases of crowdfunding based on blockchain :

Crowdfunding channels decentralized:

While successful conventional crowdfunding sites have helped companies raise millions of dollars in the last few years, they are taking large shares of their sakes’ benefit. An intelligent contract is a digital contract that enables and checks transactions automatically if all parties agree to the terms and conditions required. It enables the parties involved to communicate directly without needing a broker.

Crowdfunding platforms for ICO / STO / IEO:

These are common crowd sale mechanisms, particularly for companies or startups associated with cryptocurrencies. It works to offer the business coins and tokens that they sell for investment to potential investors on the market. While the crowdfunding strategies vary, STOs are highly controlled, and ICOs are not the key difference between ICO and STO. 

Professional real estate sites for crowdfunding:

A white label crowdfunding platform is particularly useable concerning conventional investment in real estate, since, Immobilien crowdfunding, especially

  • As in now, anybody from anywhere in the world can invest in real estate using a computer and internet connexion and get more returns than a bank. 
  • A crowdfunding platform for white label real estate will allow non-accredited and small investors to participate in real estate without needing large sums of capital.
  • It increases transaction speed and efficiency and eliminates the need for intermediaries. It also eliminates Geographical hurdles as discussed earlier and encourages everybody else in the world to be part of an investment in real estate properties.

Blockchain is a future crowdfunding

There is no question of the tremendous potential of crowdfunding among business participants. Although the conventional crowdfunding system has some faults, the fact that many companies and developers have helped raise considerable funds for their projects and carry them to the next level can not be ignored. More accessibility, versatility, performance, and safety are guaranteed to creators and investors as blockchain invades the crowdfunding room. It’s about time that the whole crowdfunding environment has been disrupted. And the best thing you can do to improve your business’s ability is to develop a blockchain-based multi-funding network.

The investment required for your projects is usually excluded. You still aim to raise funds for your startup, your company, or any project. This is called multi-funding. Crypto crowdfunding has now become a propensity to offer money or cryptographic capital as Bitcoin, the Crypto-crowdfunding Site Litecoin investors.

The investors aim to collect funds for their ventures on the top crypto-crowdFunding site. The top 10 crypto crowdfunding sites are included in this article.

Numerous investors may have various demands. Choose the one that suits your needs and collect the money for your projects from the top 100. These networks also have the best ideas and help future businesses.

See the list of 5 best-in-class crowdfunding sites.


Wefunder :

In 2012, this platform was launched, and the founder of the platform was Mr. Nick Tommarello. You can invest in your startup with a very small sum of $100. The first crowdfunding site that Bitcoins embrace became popular in the media.

The Fund accepts US dollars and ensures a reliable network of financial assistance. If the investment firm demands compensation, it is given according to the coin’s current market value. Their platform reports that some 625,350 investors have raised funds for 386 startups for $137 million.

Coinstarter :

It is one of the biggest multi-funding cryptographic networks. As a member of the Coinstarter and a trained member of the Coinbox, according to your website. This enables you to connect to Metamask and collect the Coinbox (the browser extension to the Ethereum blockchain).

The recurring payments for subscriptions will be charged, and transaction amounts must be charged for Ethereum network connexions and smart contracts when the coins from the Coinbox are received.

The US, China, Canada, and Singapore residents are not currently available. For its customers, it is more versatile and secure. This platform does not require strong technical skills to initiate crowdfunding campaigns. This website has a dedicated crypto-news feed segment for information about the emerging crypto-industry.

StartEngine :

It was published in 2014 and is one of the most comprehensive equity crowdfunding sites in the United States on the StartEngine website. They have limited crowdfunding offerings in contrast with other crowdfunding platforms. For almost 325 plus firms, they have collected funds.

Gross revenues amounted to about US$ 4.6 million in 2018, helping startups receive around US$ 135 million and more. On this website, there are more than 2 lakh registered investors. The business accounts can also be viewed, and the performance rating can be viewed.

KickICO :

This platform helps and encourages users in their early stages to purchase tokens of new startup projects. It is a great forum for raising capital for startups based on crypto-focused businesses.

BTC CIS won the title “ICO of the year” in 2017. It is traded on ten major crypto-exchange platforms with some 60,000 registered users. It was also honored. They perform a CryptoSpace Moscow event every year focused on blockchain. The event brings together over 50 + foreign industries and over 3000 participants.

Kickstarter :

Kickstart is one of the most popular crypto crowdfunding sites that almost all investors help. In 2009 it was released. Their website reports that they received 18 million people for 182,736 ventures for about $5 billion.

Around 95 people in Newyork City are working with this organization, and they promote the creation of innovative ventures. Since its inception, it has funded some 50,000 projects. They spent much of their time creating and developing communities on the Kickstarter platform.

Conclusion :

Crowdfunding collects small sums of money from multiple individuals to bring financial support to a project. Crowdfunding is generally done via various web sites but can be done via mail-order subscriptions, advantages, and other methods. Crowdfunding is commonly used to support artistic ventures, social enterprises, indigent people’s, and startups’ health spending. Blockchain-related startups also use crypto monetary crowdfunding to request only certain quantities of the cryptocurrency or start the Initial Coin Offering (IOC), which sells new tokens investors in exchange for legal bidding.

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