Best Example of Crowdsourcing in the age of Empowered Consumers

Best Example of Crowdsourcing in the age of Empowered Consumers

Crowdsourcing is a platform where Wide information and opinions are collected From a Bunch of audiences via the source of internet. It is like a company is taking care of its customers end fulfilling the demand what they desire. There are so many examples in the world which signifies the example of crowdsourcing. It helps companies to save their valuable time and money and they can easily interact with their customers through the source of internet. In the crowdsourcing, any customer or consumer is free to vote his or her taste or preference. Can you be to provide his feedback to the company via the source of the internet?

10 Best Example of crowdsourcing

1. Waze


If you are searching for the best example of the crowdsourcing on the internet available then this platform is rectified or identified as the best example of crowdsourcing where people are connected with a platform of an app in which people give their feedback or valuable suggestions which can help other people to save their time and money. In this app, the information is shared about the traffic system, so that people can report a traffic jam or an accident on the road and other people who are using it can get different Which is fast and easy.

2. McDonalds Burger Builder

McDonalds Burger Builder

This burger company is offering exactly what the customers are demanding. In 2014, this company started to ask its customer regarding their test and Preferences. And it is believed that if a company wants to grow more and more, it should deliver exactly what the consumers are demanding. So to fulfil the demand of the consumers, the company started to collect information about the most desired test among the consumer and then it started to deliver the same.

3. My Starbucks Idea

My Starbucks Idea

The Department of Starbucks is very active on social media and it regularly does interaction with its followers and consumers. The employees of the department regularly asking the users about the feedback regarding the test and service. The consumer also showing their interest by submitting the ideas and suggestions on the daily basis. A great customer relation has been set up by the department of Starbucks in a very less period. It is also important for the company to grow more as it is the ultimate vision of the company to satisfy customer demand.

4. Lego


This is a very nice toy company which is spreading its products worldwide in a short period. What is this company do is it interact with its customers on regular basis and allow them to design, and suggest some of the best toys. This is how the customers express their idea on the platform of the company and then in this way the company get to know What exactly the consumers are demanding. In this way, the company can know the trend running among the users.

5. Samsung


Many companies end industries are aware of the importance of crowdsourcing and everybody started the same to increase their business and revenue. Not only small companies but a big brand like Samsung has also started to adopt crowdsourcing ideas. If you talk about the idea of Samsung then it was seen in 2013 that the Samsung has a partnered with many developing platforms which was provided to be fruitful For the company to utilise or develop its Products From the customer’s feedback and market information.

6. Lay’s


Many companies are adopting the idea of crowdsourcing then why not Lays Should come forward. This company run a campaign For more than 10 months regarding asking feedbacks from the customers. The company run a campaign named ‘do us a favour’ where it is allowing the users to share all suggest their favourite flavour of chips. Among the most voted taste, The company started to deliver the chips which the consumers were wanting. In this order the company we can successfully able to deliver the most demanding product of the year. With the service, the consumers were also happy because they were getting the taste of their choice.

7. Pebble


In the initial phase of the company, it was only a fundraising platform from the website named kick starter. After becoming successful in the fund-raising sector, the company entered into the product and technology segment where it introduced its many popular products like a speaker, smartwatch and many more. Every time begin to the past, the company started growing more and more. This was only possible because of the satisfaction of the consumer. The company received the feedbacks of the consumers regarding the offers and early access to the product, and this is how the company created a strong trust in relation with its consumers.

8. Greenpeace


This platform used and unique way in the segment of crowdsourcing. If anything subject to viral then it is the controversial and sarcastic news which make interest in the readers. So delivering the ads was the best way to reach the maximum audience. In this way this platform allowed its users to share more and more sarcastic and controversial news which is making an impact In society. The company started to share the ideas and suggestions of the consumer on a big platform and this is how it got its legacy.

9. Airbnb


If there is any website in the world whose whole business is fully dependent on the idea of crowdsourcing then it will be identified as the Airbnb. If you talk about the website, then it delivers information regarding the travel. You must visit the website because it has gathered a great collection of the content shared by the users. This website asked users to make 60 seconds short videos of their homes or where they are living and share it to the website. After the company used the shots Shared by the users and made a complete ad. It helps the company to connect with more audience.

10. Amazon


Amazon is spreading its channel in almost every segment. The reach of the Amazon is very high because it connects to a different kind of audience on a different platform. For example, the company has its app on which it sells all the goods from necessary to luxuries. It connects with the households and then the Amazon has its TV and music Apps Which connects it to the more audience. Also, Amazon takes regular feedbacks and Run many campaigns to connect with the maximum audience.


All the platforms our developing day by day to increase their business and revenue. The idea of crowdsourcing is widely adopting by many small and big companies. It is believed that the customer relationship should be the priority to fulfil the goals of both sides.

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