Affordable Online Fax Services For Small Businesses

The fax is still a widely used tool in companies to communicate with others or with their customers. It is a device that has evolved, either by integrating with others, such as printers, but also with new service models. Today we are going to discuss five virtual fax alternatives that can help you save in your company .

These are services that have a number of advantages over traditional faxing. It is more convenient, since we can connect from any location, without being limited by where the fax machine is located. In addition, we save on the cost of the phone line, paper and ink supplies, as we often print the documents only to fax them. We also add greater clarity when we have to pass the same sheet from one fax to another, for example, for several people involved in it to sign. By not printing the document, no dirt is added and it degrades less.

What Do We Ask Of A Virtual Fax

If we already have a fax machine and what we want is to switch to a virtual fax, we need facilities so that our number can be ported to the chosen service. If we do not have a number, it is also interesting that they offer us one, either local or type 900 or 902 to be able to choose the most suitable for our company.

This type of service works through email , which is the input method where we will receive the documents that previously arrived at the fax. Many times it is interesting that the same fax can be received in several different email accounts. E-mail is also usually used for shipping, the fax with the phone number being sent to a specific address. Once received by the recipient, it is also important to have a confirmation in our mailbox that said shipment has been made correctly.

Online Fax Alternatives

We are going to try to offer some alternatives that we have at our disposal. Each one has different characteristics and they comply with what has been stated so far:

Virtual fax allows us, through a basic subscription of $ 2.99 per month, to send up to 50 pages and unlimited reception in five different email accounts. It includes a local fax number and the ability to send encrypted faxes, either by password or by PGP.

RingCentral Fax

It is the best fax software currently available with many amazing features. Ring central fax can send any type of file format to any worldwide fax. The software also sends out fax alerts on incoming faxes to the user’s cell phone number or email.

Ring central delivers 750 fax pages for $ 14.99 with users having the option to allocate these pages to the desired number or incoming and outgoing faxes. Ring central fax does not charge a setup fee and comes at a moderate overage of 6 cents which is quite ok when compared to other fax software.

The desktop platform is quite easy to learn with its unique user interface. This software also allows the users to send their fax number while allowing the users to send faxes internationally at a low cost. Digital signature is also enabled and the fax is shared multiple times to multiple recipients. The unique difference from all other fax software is the ability to schedule a fax to be sent at a later time. This service also keeps track of all faxes sent or received. This service provides limited savings of about 200 fax pages per month. The fax software also provides access to broadcast faxes to Microsoft Outlook contacts. 

It is an good alternative for sending and receiving fax. It allows users to send faxes via email or online portals. This software enables digital signature and Microsoft Outlook compatibility. However, in this service, you have to pay for shipping. It is suitable for companies or professionals who make occasional use of the fax, but when the time comes they do not have to run to find a place from which to send it. It is paid individually for each shipment, at a cost of $ 2.27 for 5 pages. The service makes three attempts and if it does not complete the transmission successfully, it does not charge us. Furthermore, the user interface is intuitive and easy to use. And it does not have a dedicated application for mobile devices but faxes can be sent via a mobile browser. 

One of the downsides of this software is the inability to schedule faxes and most importantly faces can only be sent to one recipient at a very stressful and uncomfortable time. stores faxes in its database in just 39 days which is the shortest among competing software.


This is another service that has some interesting features. For example, it has a fax printer, similar to virtual printers that allow us to transform a document into PDF that makes it easier for us to send faxes from any program on our computer, for example, Word, Excel, etc. We can also send faxes from your website, easily and accessible from any device. This professional package gives users 500 fax pages to receive or send a monthly fee of $ 19 which is quite expensive than most fax software, but as we all know the quality is never cheap. Besides, It has a cost of $ 5 per month for the line plus 0.02 cents per shipment without establishing a call for national landlines. It also allows us to send mass shipments of up to 1,000 faxes.

This software provides flexibility and a user-friendly interface which makes it one of the best fax software available today.  Hello fax provides users with unlimited storage of fax messages and voice recordings. Faxes can also be sent via mobile devices using mobile browsers because there is no special application for mobile devices. Moreover, This program allows users to sign documents electronically which saves time. It also allows users to send a fax to multiple recipients; users can sign up for a toll free number that can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook.


It is a service that, in addition to similar characteristics to the previous ones, is available both through the web, and with a program to install on Windows or Mac as well as mobile applications. It integrates with cloud tools such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive or SkyDrive and we can also use it with Skype.  This software is for anyone who values ​​fax security over other features as it ensures maximum security when sending and receiving faxes. The cost of the service starts from $ 0.11 per page in prepaid or professional plan subscriptions from $ 7.08 that includes 20 pages per month and unlimited reception.


It is one of the most comprehensive fax software available today with a myriad of features. It is an application for Android, iOS and BlackBerry to send faxes from our mobiles or tablets. For this, it allows us to first make an image of a document, scan it and then be able to send it by fax. It includes certified fax services and has a monthly cost of $ 7.5. It charges additional fees for international faxes and gives users access to toll-free international numbers. It comes with almost all of the features that are required of an excellent fax software.


As you have seen alternatives we are not lacking. We have only left a small sample of the services available. As an extra, an option that I appreciate in this type of service is that they allow us to save our handwritten signature and add it to documents that we send or that arrive to be returned. Something that can be very interesting for many companies if they have to go through several hands for their signature.

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